ceramic bead filled slurry pump repair compound wear resistant epoxy coating

BD7041 slurry pump anti abrasion impact resistant ceramic bead filled epoxy compound coatings construction case:


The application of our BD7041 high abrasion impact strength slurry pump ceramic filled epoxy coating compound use in molybdenum ore tailing pump pump case repairing

Maintenance workpiece: tailings pump guard jacket repairing coating compound,tailings pump guard plate repairing compound coatings.
Material: High chrome alloy.
The condition before repairing: perforation scrap part.
Material selection: BD7041 slurry pump repairing special ceramic bead filled epoxy anti impact wear resistant coatings and
BD426T special undercoat (topcoat).
Construction tools: angle grinder,wire brush,grinding wheel,plaster knife,plastic knife,rubber hammer,special rounding tools,
hair brush,electronic scale.
Auxiliary materials: cleaning agent,duster cloth,gloves.
Construction technology of BD7041 anti impact abrasion resistant slurry pump repairing special ceramic filled epoxy coating compound:
1.Clean up and polish pending-repair workpiece on the needing-repair part.
2.Configure BD426T special undercoat and brush coating on the pending-repair part.
3.Configure BD7041 ceramic beads filled epoxy anti abrasion impact resistant slurry pump protective coatings and
make it be coating on the pending-repair part,knock on it to be compacted with rubber hammer,then trim the surface
with special rounding tools,make the surface be flat and smooth.
4.Configure BD426T special undercoat and brush coating on the workpiece surface of repairing part as the topcoat.
5.Curing for 24 hours.
Material utilization amount: 25Kg BD7041 slurry pump protective ceramic filled epoxy anti wear impact resistant coatings,1.5Kg BD426T special undercoat.

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