backing filling epoxy putty compound for crusher lining plate repairing

How to use of BD66 high impact strength crusher filled backing epoxy compound:

1.Cleaning up and preparation:  clean up the residual filling material on the surface of the cone, as well the grease dirt and smudge on the areas where touched with the adhesive,then fit up the cone and lining plate.Seal up the cone/lining plate fitting surface and annular ring with the adhesive tape etc,for fear of adhesive leakage,and protect the screw threads on the shafts if necessary,try to construct under the temperature of 5℃-30 ℃ during using.
2.The preparation of adhesive: Make the blender fix on low speed electric hand drill,Open the A component of BD66 crusher filled backing epoxy compound,stir it for 1 minute,then pour the B component into the A component drum at the same time stir it with the electric blender,it’s OK for color uniform,general stirring time is not more than 4 minutes.
Operation time: The total time from start mixing to finish filling is not more than 15 minutes(the data for 20 degree)
3.Pouring:  Make the mixed-up BD66 crusher epoxy filling backing compound solution pour into it along the cone or a place of lining plate crack,easy to exhaust,in necessity,can make a cofferdam guide with plasticine etc,until overflow from the top of crack.Don’t pour into the adhesive without mixing uniformly(with different colors)
4.Curing: Place to cure for 12-24 hours,the temperature makes a big difference for the curing time,the curing speed is fast for high temperature,it can put into using to cure for 24 hours.

The applicable models of  BD66 high compressive strength crusher filled epoxy backing compund:
Cone crusher(medium,fine crushing),gyratory crusher(coarse crushing),ball mill
Main cone crusher model:
1.Shenyang heavy industry domestic(or use the drawing of Shenyang heavy industry) specification 600,900,1200,1750,2200
2.American Nordberg(import or Shenyang heavy industry production) Symons spring series 2”(600),3”(900),4”(1200),4¼”(1300),51/2”(1650),7”(2100)
3.Sweden Sandvik hydraulic cone(Hydrocone) series H2800 H3800 H4800 H6800 H7800 H8800 S2800 S3800 S4800 S6800

1.The operation temperature of BD66 crusher backing epoxy filled compound is 5-30 degree,try not to construct,if the temperature of cone is below 5 degree or above 30 degree.
2.If the temperature is too low,the operation time can be long,but it’s difficult to pour for the high viscosity,if the temperature is below 10 degree,can heat the A component of BD66 crusher filling epoxy backing adhesive up to the temperature of 25 degree,then stir it for using.
3.If the temperature is too high,reduce the operation time,the pouring time is short,if the temperature is above 25 degree,can reduce configured adhesive quantity for once,it’s while pouring and configuring material.
storage of BD66 backing filled epoxy compound for crusher high impact protection:
BD66 crusher filling epoxy backing material is the general chemicals,should pay attention to waterproof and preventing fire in the process of transportation and storage,stored in a cool and dry place,the storage period is 12 months.

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