ceramic beads particle filled epoxy repair wear abrasion resistant coating

BD707 ceramic bead small particle filled abrasion resistant epoxy coatings construction case

The application of our BD707 small particles ceramic bead filled epoxy wear resistant coating use in Cement plant cement grinding axial flow fan blade repairing:

Cement plant cement grinding axial flow fan blade has 13 pieces,the end of all the blade wear through by 50mm length and 10mm width,
so the blade is hollow and there are too many cements pouring into the blade inner from the broken holes,make the blade be imbalance,
moreover the ball bearing is loose,ranning  inner and outer the circles,cause the whole draught fan can not be used and be forced to stop production.
Through the analysis from engineers,blade perforation is from cement wear through,and original coatings of blade surface are all grinded off,
so make sure to repair the broken holes with wear resistant adhesive,meanwhile it can be more durable to smear a layer of wear resistant materials
on the whole blade again,the blade can also emit heat(about 100 degree) during turnning,so we must consider the temperature resistance,
when we choose the adhesives,according to the above requirements,we choose the BD707 small particle wear resistant ceramic beads
filled epoxy coatings compound.
BD707 wear resistant small particle ceramic bead filled epoxy compound coating is the high performance wear resistant and
corrosion resistant coating materials mainly compounded by the high performance  carborundum,ceramic material,silicon carbide etc.
abrasion resistant coarse particle and modified toughening heat resistant curing agent,excellent in wear & corrosion resistant performance,
with very high bonding strength to various metal substrates.

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