abrasion wear resistant small particle ceramic beads filled epoxy repair coating

BD707 anti abrasion chemical resistant ceramic bead small particles filled epoxy compound coating construction case


The application of BD707 anti chemical abrasion resistant small particle ceramic bead filled epoxy coatings compound use in vibrating screen beam repairing

The vibrating screen is widely used in beneficiation and coal washing industry,the equipment has erosive wear and corrosion phenomena
in the process of using,we generally don’t repair the screen plate which is a kind of replaceable spare part,but beam and holder as the basic
parts are not easy to change,so we require that it has long-term working life.
There are 3 kinds of protective measures at present:
1.Paste the rubber on the beam and holder(it has falling off phenomena).
2.Cover it with stainless iron sheet(the wear resistance is common).
3.The preparation of integral wear resistant coating with abrasion resistant protective agent.
This factory chooses the wear resistant protective agent from home and abroad many factories to do the small amount test comparison,
finally they choose the BD707 small particle anti wear chemical resistant ceramic filling epoxy coatings compound from
Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,the wear & corrosion resistance of BD707 anti chemical abrasion resistant small
particles ceramic bead filled epoxy compound coating is excellent,the construction is convenient,the facade doesn’t flow.
Construction technology of our BD707 small particle ceramic bead filling epoxy anti chemical abrasion resistant coatings:
1.Polish and clean the beam,holder.
2.The preparation of BD707 small particle anti wear chemical resistant ceramic filled epoxy compound coating.
3.Make the adhesives be coating on the pending-protective part uniformly,make the surface be smooth.
4.Curing for 24 hours,when the temperature is below 5 degree,should properly heat it up to promote the curing.

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