mining wash plants equipment wear corrosion resistant repair epoxy coating

The construction case of BD7011 high abrasion impact strength slurry pump epoxy repair coating use in mining wash plants equipment:

Maintenance workpiece: the slurry pump model:65G530177,pump case,guard plate(all the workpiece are from mining wash plants)
Material: high chrome alloy
The condition before repairing: scrap part
Material selection: BD7011 slurry pump ceramic filled anti chemical wear resistant epoxy coatings, BD426 special undercoat
Construction tools: air compressor,sand-blasting machine,plaster knife,plastic scraper,rubber hammer,special rounding tools,hair brush,electronic scale,ethyl acetate,duster cloth,gloves.
Construction technology of BD7011 anti abrasion impact resistant slurry pump repairing epoxy ceramic coating:
1.Clean up the impurity on the inner wall of worn position,do sand-blasting treatment on the pending-repair part,clean it by cleaning agent and dry it by the airing.
2.Configure BD426 special undercoat according to the specified ratio,then make it brush coating on the pending-repair part,after that,waiting for the undercoat curing.
3.After the undercoat curing,configure the BD7011 anti wear chemical resistant ceramic epoxy slurry pump protective coatings according to the specified ratio,then make it be coating on the peeding-repair part,knock on it to be compacted with rubber hammer,trim the surface with special rounding tools,make the surface be flat and smooth.Generally repair the side unilateral of pump case first,then repair the other side,finally erect the pump case,repair the circular ring part by subsection.
4.After initial curing at room temperature,it can complete cure based on heating it up to the temperature of 80-120 degree and keeping this temperature for 2-3 hours.
Material utilization amount: 20Kg BD7011 slurry pump anti impact wear resistant repairing epoxy ceramic coating, 1Kg BD426 special undercoat
The working life of this new pump is 20 days,it can use for 1 month after maintenance.

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