desulfuration slurry recycle pump repair compound wear resistant epoxy coating

The construction case of BD707 small particle ceramic bead filled wear resistant epoxy compound coating use in power plant desulfuration slurry circulating pump impeller abrasion corrosion repairing:

As the long time scour,corrosion,abrasion etc.problems,the slurry circulating pump impeller,pump case,guard plate of Hubei Huadian power plant need periodic replacement.The impeller and pump body are serious wear,generally we change it for about 7-9 months,some of them has shorter replacement period.Not only it will take long time and high costs but also need to tear down the equipment for the traditional maintenance methods,it will affect the normal operation of the power plant.
Xiangyang Baidun Protective Coating Material Co.,Ltd gets a set of complete repair technology from years of R&D and construction.Make the two kinds of macromolecule polymeric ceramic material(BD707 small particle wear resistant ceramic filled epoxy compound coatings and BD426 anti chemical corrosion resistant epoxy coating) use cooperatively,it can effectively repair desulfurization system equipment of suffering from cavitation,corrosion and abrasion.This material has excellent wear & corrosion resistance,the comprehensive results are higher than high chrome alloy, rubber lining and ceramic lining plate etc.scheme.
Maintenance technology:
1.Weld up a skeleton for the larger defect area parts with steel wire mesh first.Clean up the welding slag,blot and other impurity with angle grinder,clean it by cleaning agent and dry it by airing.
2.Make BD426 corrosion resistant coatings mix uniformly according to the mass ratio A:B=5:1,and smear on the pending-repair part,smear for two times according to criss cross method,the suitable adhesive layer thickness is about 0.3-0.5mm.Don’t smear the second layer until the first layer adhesive initial curing(the adhesive layers don’t stick hands).
3.After the second layer of BD426 anti corrosion chemical resistant epoxy coating initial curing,make BD707 small particle anti chemical wear resistant ceramic filled epoxy compound coatings mix uniformly according to the mass ratio A:B=4:1(be sure to do it before BD426 adhesive layer hardening),and be coating on the BD426 anti heat corrosion resistant epoxy ceramic coatings,the adhesive layer should be compacted.
4.After the BD707 small particle ceramic beads filling abrasion resistant epoxy coating initial curing,can brush a layer of BD426 anti corrosion chemical resistant epoxy ceramic coating compound on the BD707 ceramic bead small particles filled epoxy compound coatings.
1.Complete curing for 24 hours at room temperature,then it can be put into using.After the adhesive layer complete curing,heat the adhesive layer up to 60-80 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours,can improve 30% combination property of the repair coating.
2.When the temperature is below 15 degree,the curing of adhesive layer is slow,the strength is not easy to rise up completely,can heat it up to the temperature of 60-80 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours by iodine-tungsten lamp or hair dryer etc. measures after the surface of BD426 corrosion resistant coating initial curing.

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