wear resistant corrosion resistant repair putty epoxy compound ceramic coating

The application of BD705 wear resistant corrosion resistant chemical resistant epoxy coatings use in power plant desulfurization system abrasion corrosion repairing:


<Power plant desulfurization system wear & corrosion resistant protective> Chifeng Daban power plant desulfurization system concentric reducer rubber lining
At the end of Oct.2014,when the state-owned investment Inner Mongolia Daban power plant is overhauling,find that the desulfurization system concentric reducer inner rubber lining is badly broken,in order to maintaining the power plant smooth running,they decide to do the partial restoration for the damaged parts first,then make a layer of wear & corrosion resistant coating.
Construction process of our BD705 anti chemical anti corrosion abrasion resistant ceramic beads filled epoxy compound coatings:
1.Surface treatment:
Clean up the rusting,dirt etc.impurity on the surface of substrates first,then do the sand blasting,polishing etc. roughing treatment.Clean it by cleaning agent and dry it by the airing,make the construction part be clean,dry and no dirty,reach to ideal bonding effect.
2.The preparation of corrosion resistant coating undercoat:
Make BD407 anti corrosion wear resistant ceramic particles filling epoxy coatings mix uniformly according to the mass ratio A:B=4:1,smear it on the surface of the pending-repair substrates.
3.The preparation of high temperature flakes anti chemical anti abrasion corrosion resistant epoxy coating:
After the BD407 anti wear anti chemical corrosion resistant epoxy compound coatings initial curing,make the BD408 flakes anti wear anti corrosion chemical resistant coating mix uniformly according to the mass ratio A:B=4:1,and be coating on the surface of BD407 adhesive layer,the adhesive layers should be compacted along one direction,avoid appearing the holes
4.The preparation of wear resistant corrosion resistant chemical resistant epoxy coating:
After the BD408 flakes high temperature chemical corrosion resistant epoxy coatings initial curing,scrape coating a layer of BD705 anti wear corrosion resistant ceramic bead particles filling epoxy coatings on its surface.
It can be put into using after complete curing (curing for 24 hours at room temperature)

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