wear resistant magnetic separator repair bonding ceramic tile epoxy adhesive

The description of BD132 magnetic separator protection abrasion wear resistant ceramic tile bonding epoxy adhesives


performance features of our BD132 anti wear abrasion resistant magnetic separator repair epoxy ceramic adhesive:
1.Two component,white daub shape,the adhesive layer is impact & fatigue resistant.
2.It’s consist of modified toughening resin and composite curing agent.
3.Water resistant,aging resistant,good toughness.
4.Can cure at room temperature,can also heat for curing.

product usage of our BD132 magnetic separator protective ceramic epoxy bonding wear abrasion resistant adhesives:
with high bonding strength and good toughness,excellent in water resistance,with very high adhesive strength based on metal-ceramic
bonding,exclusively used in the bonding of dry separation,wet separation,the wear resistant ceramic chip on magnetic separator roller

How to use of our BD132 magnetic separator repairing anti abrasion wear resistant ceramic epoxy compound adhesive:
1.Surface treatment: Grinding or sand blasting to clean up the dust,greasy dirt and rust on the surface of magnetic separator roller,
clean it by cleaning agent in the end.

2.Configure adhesive: According to the specified requirements,make A and B two components mix uniformly A:B=4:1, when the temperature is low in winter, can separately heat up the A component first to reduce the viscosity for
easy to mix.

3.Using adhesive: Make configured adhesive spread coating on the surface of adherend uniformly, under the precondition of
no shortage of adhesive,scrape the adhesive layers to be the thinner the better.Coating adhesive for double sides
(roller side and ceramic side) will get the best effect.Then make the ceramic chip paste on the surface of roller
and to be compacted.

4.Curing: Initial curing at the room temperature for 4 hours,fully curing for 24 hours (16MPa),heat it up to the temperature of
80 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours,then do the last curing,in this way,it can get the higher combination property.(can improve 30%).When the temperature is low in winter,after the completion of the paste,should keep a certain environment
temperature to make the adhesive cure fully(make the adhesive cure at the temperature above 10 degree as far as possible),
can do irradiation heating with iodine tungsten lamp.

5.Every time the suitable quantity of configuring adhesive is 300g~500g,too much adhesive is not easy to mix uniformly,every time the usable time of configuring adhesive is about 30~40 min,the usable time is long at the low temperature,the usable time is short at the high temperature,should adjust the
configured adhesive quantity according to the actual condition.



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