wear high temperature resistant ceramic tile bonding repair epoxy adhesive

The description of BD240 anti abrasion wear high temperature resistant epoxy bonding ceramic tile adhesive


Performance features of our BD240 high temperature wear abrasion resistant epoxy ceramic adhesives:
1.Two component,white daub shape,the temperature highest resistant is 240 degree.
2.It’s consist of modified heat resistant toughening resin and special curing agent.
3.Aging resistant(can reach more than 8 years),high temperature resistant,good toughness.
4.Can cure at room temperature,can also heat for curing.
5.When it is used as repair agent,the highest working temperature is 240 degree,when it is used as structural bonding,
the highest working temperature is 220 degree.

Product usage of our BD240 anti abrasion high temperature resistant ceramic tile bonding epoxy compound adhesive:
With high bonding strength and good toughness, suitable for the bonding of metal,ceramic,cement,glass.
Used in the bonding of wear resistant ceramic tile under the temperature of 220 degree working condition,
also suitable for the bonding and repairing of machine part under high temperature working condition.

How to use of our anti wear abrasion epoxy ceramic tile bonding high temperature resistant adhesives:
1.Surface treatment: Grinding or sand blasting to clean up the dust,greasy dirt and rust on the surface of adherend.
Clean it by cleaning agent and dry it by airing in the end.

2.Configure adhesive: Make A and B two components mix uniformly according to mass ratio A:B=2:1,
When the temperature is low in winter, can preheat A component first.

3.Using adhesive: Make configured adhesive spread coating on the surface of adherend uniformly.
Double spread,the bonding effect will be better.

4.Curing: Initial curing at the room temperature for 2 hours,fully curing for 24 hours,
heat it up to the temperature of 80 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours,then do the last curing,in this way,
it can get the higher strength(≥23MPa).When the temperature is below 15 degree,the curing speed of adhesive layers is slow,
curing is incomplete,need heating it up to the temperature of 60~80 degree and keeping this temperature for 2 hours
after the adhesive layers initial curing.(Bake it with the iodine tungsten lamp or heat it with hair dryer or use other methods)



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