heat chemical wear resistant ceramic tile bonding repair epoxy adhesives

The description of BD280 high temperature heat chemical abrasion wear resistant
ceramic tile repair compound epoxy adhesive


Performance features of our BD280 chemical wear abrasion high teperature resistant
ceramic repair epoxy compound adhesives:

1.Single component,black or red,daub shape,with good thixotropy,the adhesive layer is soft
2.Neutral,organic silicon material,with high bonding strength.
3.Has shock absorption buffer function.
4.With good high low temperature resistance.
5.The range of temperature resistant is -60-280 degree,excellent in aging resistance.

Product usage of our BD280 heat wear abrasion chemical resistant ceramic tile bonding repair epoxy adhesive:
Widely used in the bonding of ceramic chip under high temperature condition,such as the bonding of heat-engine plant
coal mill outlet pipeline,mill exhauster inner shell,steel plant dedusting system,air hose elbow and so on.

How to use of our BD280 anti chemical abrasion wear high temperature resistant
epoxy repair compound ceramic adhesives:

This adhesive curing principle:absorb water molecules in the air for curing,so you had better dry it for 5 min.
and then do bonding after the adhesive coating on the ceramic and metal,in this way,it’s in favor of the adhesive curing,
this adhesive surface dry time for 20 min.The longest usage time from extruding the adhesive to ceramic bonding is 20 min,
had better use up a packaging adhesive every time,if you really don’t use up,you can wrap up the open part with plastic cloth
to avoid touching with the air,If there is a little curing adhesive on the open part during your next time using,
please remove this part.



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