slurry circulating pump wearing repair putty compound epoxy ceramic coating

slurry circulating pump wear abrasion resistant repair compound epoxy coatings
used in Zhengzhou Yuzhong energy slurry recycle pump guard plate and impeller
erosive wear corrosion repairing

Zhengzhou Yuzhong energy 6 pieces slurry circulating pumps entrance front guard plate and impeller cooperate with parts have serious abrasion,
it affects the rate of flow,use the BD772 carbide silicone anti wear abrasion resistant repair epoxy coating from our company
(Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd) to do the repairing,the construction period is 1 day.

BD772 wear abrasion resistant epoxy repair compound carbide silicone coating has high bonding force,abrasion resistant and impact resistant,
can solve the slurry erosive wear and corrosion effectively.

Application Photos Show:

BD772 slurry circulating pump wear abrasion resistant repair silicone carbide coating:

Product description:
BD772 silicon carbide coating is the high performance wear resistant,corrosion resistant polymeric material which compounded
by the high performance abrasion resistant,anti corrosive materials–highest crystallizing silicone carbide and modified toughening
hybrid resin.Mainly used in the wear repairing and pre-protecting of slurry circulating pump impeller,body case,slurry stirring paddle etc.

product features:
1.With excellent wear & corrosion resistance,suitable for the protection of abrasion,corrosion working condition
2.With very high bonding strength to metal substrates
3.Don’t drip and slip,the construction is convenient
4.Don’t precipitate,don’t  separated layer
5.water resistant,acid resistant,alkali resistant
6.Can do the machining
7.The prominent advantage of BD772 carbide silicone coating is its machinability,for the workpiece which has accuracy requirement,
it can do the accurate repairing

Performance index:

product name physical status operation
time limit
usable time
        range of application
BD772 silicon
carbide coatings
paste 30min 24h Mainly used in the abrasion repairing
and pre-protecting of slurry circulating
pump impeller,body case,slurry stirring paddle etc.


color density
compressive strength
tensile strength
shear strength
bending strength
hardness after curing
(Shore D)
working temperature
gray 2.1 1176 469 112 661 83 -60~120



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