slurry circulating pump impeller wearing repair compound epoxy ceramic coating

The application of abrasion wear resistant slurry circulating pump repair epoxy compound high alumina ceramic coatings

At the request of the state environmental protection department,coal-fired power plants,chemical plants and
other emissions substandard enterprises all need to use desulfurization system to solve the problem of emissions.
One important equipment in the system is the slurry circulating pump,its running state  influences the whole system’s normal
or not directly.At the same time,the slurry circulating pump has the large energy consumption,the power consumption per year
for a slurry pump of a whole year uninterrupted operation is up to 500 kw,in the process of long time running,
the impeller surface suffers from wear,corrosion,cavitation etc.damage,the blade will wear thin,indentation (corrosion),
even appear gaps gradually.These indentation and gaps will gradually expand to cause the structural damage,
eventually led to the impeller scrap,at the same time,it will also reduce the efficiency of the pump seriously.
The indentation and rough of impeller surface increase the overflowing resistance.The impeller gaps will cause a large number of eddy,
the rate of flow reduced,consumes energy.The above reasons will consume more than 6-7% energy,500 Kw for example,
it will consume over 300,000 degrees power more than others,as the slurry pump’s working condition is very bad,
general the impeller will need to change or repair for running a year or two.The material of impeller is special and cost expensive,
it will cost more than 200 thousand for imported pump changing the impeller,even though for domestic production pump,
it will also cost about 100 thousand.
According to the previous repair methods–overlaying(easy to cause blowout),in the construction of energy-saving society today,
improve the efficiency of circulating pump,improve the maintenance technology for power plant,petrochemical and other enterprises
to reduce auxiliary power,save the maintenance cost both has great economic benefit and great social significance.
So these running slurry circulating pump impeller need repairing, energy conservation and renovation in time.
Solution: According to the slurry circulating pump working environment,using BD727 desulfurization slurry circulating pump
repair epoxy coating can solve the mechanical abrasion, chemical corrosion and erosion problems very effectively,
restore the impeller surface quality,prolong service life, improve the pump running state,improve the pump efficiency.

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