high temperature wear resistant alumina ceramic epoxy repair adhesives

anti abrasion wear high temperature resistant high alumina ceramic epoxy resin adhesives


The repairing and protecting of engine cylinder:
Which high temperature adhesives do we use for the engine cylinder?
Plane deformation of the cylinder head and cylinder block,can grind it on the surface grinder.
We consider the below two points for changing cylinder head and cylinder block or not
1.The water channel of cylinder head and cylinder block surface can be connected with the oil channel.2.The cylinder head bolt and
screw hole are damaged slightly and can repair,can consider to use the glue for bonding when it’s serous.If there is a crack,
can use the glue for bonding.Cost accounting by yourself.Generally speaking,in addition to the above reasons,
for the cylinder head and cylinder block,there is no other reason for changing.High temperature adhesive is waterproof,
aging resistant,oil resistant,acid and alkali resistant,high temperature resistant,can be bonding,repairing,sealing and insulation.
How to use of the engine cylinder high temperature resistant ceramic alumina anti wear epoxy adhesives?
1.remove the loose matter on the substrate surface,use the sand blasting, electric grinding wheel,wire brush or raw emery paper etc.
methods to polish,improve the roughness of the repairing surface,wipe it with the acetone cleaning agent to clean the connecting surface.
2.It is composed of A and B two-component,strictly according to the specified ratio,make the main agent A and curing agent B mix fully until
the colour is uniform during using,and use it up within the specified usable time.The remaining adhesive can’t be used again.
3.Make the mixed-up repairing agent smear on the substrate surface of passing treatment,should put force uniformly during smearing,
press it repeatedly,to ensure the material to contact with the substrate surface fully,in order to achieve the best results.
Need to smear multilayer coatings,should smear it after processing the original coating surface.
4.When the temperature is below 25 degree,can properly prolong the curing time,when the temperature is below 15 degree,
should use the appropriate heat source to heat it up(infrared,electric furnace etc.),but can’t contact with the repairing parts directly
during heating.The correct operation is that the heat source is more than 40cm far from the repair surface,
heat it up to the temperature of 60 to 80 degree and keep this temperature for 2-3 hours.
The prospects and application: 
The engine cylinder is used in many industries,the main is used in automobile industry,as people’s living standards improving,
buying a car is more and more for a common person.the quantity demand of the engine cylinder will be increased greatly.





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