centrifuge scraper drum feed inlet wear resistant repair epoxy ceramic coating

Centrifuge scraper drum,feed inlet,layout silo abrasion wear resistant repair compound epoxy ceramic coating application case


A WLH1000 centrifuge in one of Ordos dressing plant,due to long-term running,drum scraper was worn badly,and feed inlet and
ceramic lining plate of layout silo inner layer appeared different degree of abrasion, partial area even fall off.

In order to maintaining the equipment to work normally by factories, choose Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd
procreative BD707 small particle wear resistant coating to do abrasion resistant repairing,the equipment after repairing can work
as the new equipment.

Repairing technology:
Clean up the impurities of wear parts,clean up the abrasion missing parts of the scraper drum,weld up the stainless steel mesh,
clean up the residual debris and residue of the feed inlet and layout silo ceramic lining plate falling off parts.Polish the pending-repair
part to come out the fresh metal substrates, clean it by the cleaning agent and dry it by airing

Make the A and B components of BD707 small particles abrasion resistant coating mix uniformly according to the specified ratio,
make it be coating on the abrasion parts,and repair it to be the original size,the adhesive layers must be compacted layer by layer,
avoid appearing cavity.It can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at room temperature,or curing for 1 hour at room temperature,
then heat it up to the temperature of 80℃ slowly and keep this temperature for 2 hours,then start it up fast.when the temperature is low,
need to heat it up to the temperature of 80℃ and keep this temperature for 2 hours after the material initial curing.


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