silt pump pipeline repair compound impact abrasion resistant epoxy coating

High temperature anti impact wear abrasion resistant repair compound epoxy coatings used in dredger silt pump guard plate and guard jacket repairing and protecting.

The impeller diameter of Luji Ningjun 41 dredger slime pump is 1m,the weight of guard jacket is 2 tons,
this pump is mainly used in pumping the sludge of lakebed and turning lakes into fields,guard jacket,
guard plate and impeller are badly abrasion,the original conveying distance is 1.2Km,the conveying distance
is only 700m before stopping maintenance,even the rate of flow reduces about 1/3.

Material selection:
BD7024 super wear resistant slurry pump repair epoxy coating,BD426T special undercoat.

Construction tools:
angle grinder,wire brush,grinding wheel,plaster knife,plastic knife,rubber hammer,special rounding tools,hair brush,
electronic scale,iodine tungsten lamp.

Auxiliary materials:
cleaning agent,duster cloth,gloves.

Construction technology:
1.Clean up and polish the pending-repair workpiece on the needing-repair part.

2.Configure BD426T special undercoat and brush coating on the pending-repair part,then wait for the primer curing,
when the temperature is low,can heat it up to promote the primer curing,the construction time of this pump is on 3rd,
January,the temperature is below zero,should heat it up to promote the curing through oxygen welding baking the back
side after brush coating the primer.

3.Configure BD7024 slurry pump pipeline epoxy repair compound super abrasion resistant coatings and
be coating on the pending-repair part,knock on it to be compacted with rubber hammer,then trim the surface
with special rounding tools,make the surface to be flat and smooth.

4.Curing for 24 hours,the curing of BD7024 slurry pump pipeline repair compound abrasion wear impact resistant epoxy coating doesn’t
have a high temperature requirement,even through the temperature is zero,it can still be normal curing.

Material utilization amount:
50Kg BD7021 super wear resistant slurry pump repair epoxy coatings,
2Kg BD426T special undercoat.

The expected working life of this pump after maintenance is about 2.5 to 3 years.

Application photos show:



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