desulfuration silicon carbide nozzle repair epoxy wear resistant coating

desulfuration silicon carbide nozzle wear abrasion resistant repair epoxy coating
used in Huadian xiangyang power plant desulfurization silicone carbide nozzle repairing and cleaning.

We did major repairing for the desulfuration nozzle of Huadian xiangyang power plant unit 1 desulfurization absorption tower in 2015,
it should be reutilization.Contractor caused partial nozzle fracture in the process of disassembly,it will cause a lot of damage,
if cleaning up the FRP(Fiber Reinforce Plastic) on the nozzle by the traditional method,due to the tight construction period,
temporary purchasing is too late,based on customer’s requirements,Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd do the FRP
cleaning and repairing for 350 pieces nozzles of unit 1 absorption tower,Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating peels off the RFP from
the nozzles by the special method,it will greatly reduce percentage of damage,the damaged nozzles of total 350 pieces nozzles is only 6
pieces in the process of stripping,together with the damaged a dozen nozzles during disassembly,should be repaired and reused.

The damaged condition has 2 kinds,one is that the broken fragments can also splice into original shape,the other is local broken without
fragments,for the first damaged situation,use the BD281 abrasion high temperature resistant ceramic adhesive of Xiangyang City Hundred
Shield Coating to do the piece together bonding,the highest temperature resistant of BD281 high temperature resistant ceramic adhesive is
250 degree,don’t be softening in the hot water of 100 degree temperature,the shear strength is more than 16Mpa,can be satisfied with
the using of nozzles completely,should pay attention to cleaning up the extrusive adhesive inside of the nozzles after splicing,
should keep the internal smooth shape of the nozzles,in order to avoid affecting the slurry liquid flow to cause the bad spray effect.
For the second condition,use the BD772 wear resistant silicon carbide coating of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating to do the repairing,
make the lining of sheet plastic in the intracavity of damaged parts,make the BD772 silicon carbide abrasion resistant coating be coating on
the outside surface,remove the sheet plastic after curing,the BD772 wear resistant silicone carbide coating should keep the same as the
substrates,has excellent abrasion resistance and heat resistance,can be satisfied with the operation working condition of the nozzles.

The nozzles after cleaning up and repairing can reach to the reutilization standard under the customer acceptance,
cooperate with the construction schedule effectively.

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