slurry recycle pump wear corrosion resistant repair compound epoxy coating

BD426 high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion resistant repair compound
epoxy coatings used in Rizhao steel sintering desulfurization slurry circulating pump
pipeline ceramic rubber lining repairing and protecting

Rizhao steel sintering iron ore powder is the imported iron ore powder,based on transportation by sea and piling up in wharf,
mineral powder contains a large number of chloride ions,enter into the desulfurization system along with the sintering exhaust gas,
cause serious corrosion of pump parts,under the washing out of limestone slurry,the service life of new workpiece is not more than 1 year,
the maintenance object of this time is scrapped slurry circulating pump front guard plate,the workpiece is mainly based on chloride ion corrosion,
do the sand blasting treatment at first,then clean it with a large number of  solvent,the purpose is not only to remove dust,
more importantly to clean off adsorbent chloride ion of the workpiece,avoid appearing underfilm corrosion,
dilute the BD426 slurry circulating pump repair epoxy compound anti corrosion resistant coating with diluting agent and brush coating
on the surface of pending-repair part,due to the workpiece surface cover densely irregular deep holes,
the diluent BD426 anti corrosion resistant epoxy coating will cover the entire surface in the form of self leveling,
then brush coating on the surface with the BD426 anti corrosion resistant repair coating of without diluting agent,reach to 100% coverage,
then repair up to the suitable size with BD707 small ceramic beads particle anti wear abrasion resistant coating,after that,
brush coating a layer of BD426 anti corrosion resistant repair coatings on the surface,heat for curing finally,complete the workpiece repairing.

Performance index of our BD426 anti corrosion resistant repair epoxy coating:

Product name physical state Standard packing Volume
Operational time limit
Can put into using time
BD426 corrosion resistant repair epoxy coating Semi-fluid Two component 10kg 7820 45min 24h
Color Density
Compressive strength
Tensile strength
Shear strength
Bending strength
(Shore D)
Blue/gray 1.28 896 353 167 432 86 -60~150

Product application photos show:


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