high temperature corrosion wearing repair putty epoxy compound coating

BD766 high temperature anti corrosion abrasion wearing resistant repair coating epoxy compounds used in the steel plant sintering machine flue and dust removal equipment.
One steel plant in guizhou sintering machine flue and dust removal equipment have serious abrasion and corrosion problems in the
process of operation,because the work environment temperature is too high,general organic wear resistant coating is difficult to apply,
and inorganic abrasion resistant material has relatively poor adhesion to metal material,it’s difficult to apply.At present,we mostly use
the method of the hexsteel filling in the inorganic abrasion resistant materials,but choosing hexsteel period is too long,the cost of unit area
is too high,it will appear the large area shedding phenomenon in the process of operation,the effect is not ideal.
We choose the high performance interpenetrating network structure high temperature resistant,wear resistant polymerization ceramic
material BD766 high temperature anti abrasion wearing corrosion resistant repair compound epoxy coatings compounded by the
high performance wear resistant,corrosion resistant materials (such as ceramic,silicon carbide,carborundum,titanium alloy etc.) and
inorganic high temperature adhesives (product details from
has high bonding strength to the metal,thermal expansion coefficient is similar with the metal (not easy to fall off), high temperature resistant
(can reach to the temperature of 600 degree) etc.And the wear resistant and anti corrosive effect is very good.
The product got the good using effect in the sintering machine flue,and the using quantity is small (1.5-2kg per square meter) economy has
very obvious advantages compared with other materials.
Product usage of BD766 high temperature anti corrosion abrasion wearing resistant coating epoxy repair compound:
Two components,fine particle,room temperature curing,wear resistant,the highest temperature resistant is 600 degree,
used in the wear resistance of flue.
Construction case photos show:


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