coal mill wearing resistant epoxy compound ceramic coating adhesive

BD181 high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion wearing abrasion resistant epoxy compound coating ceramic adhesives used in coal washery coal mill rubber lining pipeline repairing and protecting

Coal mill is a machinery made by crushing,smash and tripsis three ways to smash the coal to pieces and grinding into pulverized coal,
it is an important auxiliary equipment of pulverized coal furnace.Widely used in cement,silicate products,new building materials,refractory
material,fertilizer,black and coloured metal ore dressing and glass ceramics etc. production industry

Coal briquette and pulverized coal get through the internal coal mill,and produce friction with coal mill.Lead to the inside of the coal mill
manhole door cylinder roller,grinding roller holder,grinder roll holder guard plate,coal mill separator inside,coal mill outlet powder tube etc.
parts have been worn thin and even worn out.Influence the normal operation of the equipment.

To prolong the service life of the equipment,usually use the method of sticking the wear resistant ceramic chip.Abrasion resistant ceramic lining
uses the alumina as the raw material,regards the rare metal oxides as the solvent,is the special alumina ceramic through high heat sintering.
Wear resistant performance can reach more than 10 times of manganese steel.But because of the internal working temperature of coal mill is
high,and suffer from a certain impact force.The intensity of general ceramic adhesive will decrease in a shorter time under this working
condition,cause the ceramics to fall off,can’t play a proper protective role.

Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,according to customers’ requirements and feedback,continuous improvement to
produce the BD281 coal mill special high temperature resistant epoxy compound coating ceramic adhesives and BD181 anti wearing
abrasion resistant epoxy compound repair coating ceramic adhesive.The BD281 long-term working temperature can reach to 250 degrees,
is used in the high temperature parts of coal mill inlet and outlet etc.The BD181 long-term working temperature is between 180 and 200
degrees,is applied to the inside of the coal mill manhole door cylinder roller,grinding roller holder,grinder roll holder guard plate,coal mill
separator of these two kinds adhesives are sticky paste,not flowing,facade ceiling fixed position directly,using is very
convenient,well received by customers.Sometimes we need emergency maintenance for abrasion parts or some irregular parts wear
protection,you will need to use the BD726 high temperature abrasion resistant coatings.The temperature resistance of this coating is
much higher than the market conventional abrasion resistant coating,especially suitable for coal mill inlet and outlet parts wear resistant
repairing,and the price is cheap,only a third of the market similar products.

Range of application for BD181 wearing resistant repair compound epoxy coating ceramic adhesives:
With very high bonding force to steel,cement,ceramic,aluminum alloy,stainless steel etc various material,especially suitable for the bonding of
abrasion wear resistant ceramic tile on the equipment ceiling and facade under the temperature of 200 degree working condition.

Product packaging actual photo of BD181 abrasion resistant epoxy compound repair coating ceramic tile adhesive:


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