ball mill abrasion wearing resistant repair ceramic lining epoxy adhesive

high temperature anti chemical impact wearing abrasion repair compound epoxy adhesives used in mining use ball mill rubber ceramic lining repairing and protecting

For the enterprises which has special requirements about material whiteness,when doing ball-milling for the material,the ball mill liner plate chooses
ceramic lining,the life of lining mainly depends on the quality of ceramic lining plate,the quality of wearing abrasion ceramic tile bonding epoxy adhesive
and construction technology level.

The ball mill temperature is higher when doing dry method ball-milling,the lining plate suffers alternating load,so ball mill wearing abrasion resistant lining
special epoxy ceramic adhesive should have higher temperature resistant capacity,excellent aging resistance and suitable technology operation bility.

It should keep up the performance not reducing for at least 3 years in the working status.According to the acutal working condition of ball mill,
the product performance of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd developed BD200 ball mill ceramic lining special anti chemical
impact corrosion wearing abrasion resistant repair compound epoxy adhesive can satisfy the requirements of ball mill ceramic lining/ceramic liner completely,
it is very convenient for construction.

Product usage of BD200 ball mill repair epoxy compound high temperature abrasion wear resistant lining ceramic adhesive:
With high bonding strength and good toughness,specially used in the bonding of ball mill liner ceramic lining plate.

Construction application photos:


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