slurry circulating pump repair wearing compound ceramic epoxy coating

BD426 high temperature anti chemical corrosion impact wearing abrasion resistant compound epoxy coatings used in desulfurization system equipment slurry recycle pump ceramic rubber lining pipeline repairing and protecting

Slurry circulating pump,the equipment of pumping over the limestone slurry.At present domestic wet desulfurization (FGD) system
slurry circulating pump is mainly produced by Xiangyang 525,Shijiazhuang strong, Germany KSB, Switzerland sulzer,Australia Warman etc,
the cost is very high.Slurry circulating pump mainly consists of the sheath,guard plate and impeller.The impeller is high speed rotation in the cavity
body of forming by sheath and guard plate during working, make the inhalational slurry pump up into the absorption tower sprinkler device.
Due to the limestone slurry is rich in solid particles,itself is also corrosivity liquid,it will bring very serious erosive wear and corrosion for the slurry
circulating pump,in addition the slurry circulating pump will produce cavitation during operation,so it is necessary for protecting the slurry circulating
pump.Sheath and guard plate choose combination protective coating materials:The BD426 anti corrosion abrasion wear chemical resistant
slurry recycle pump repair epoxy coatings,BD709 high temperature impact abrasion wear resistant epoxy coating.The BD426 slurry circulating pump
repair high temperature anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant coatings and high chromium alloy has excellent adhesive strength,the BD709 high temperature
abrasion wear impact resistant coating is the abrasion resistant coatings preparation from NDI – PTMEG modified epoxy,it is wear resistant,impact resistant,
suitable for the working condition of erosive wear and cavitation.The impeller repairing chooses BD426 corrosion resistant coatings and BD772 machinable
wearing abrasion impact resistant repair epoxy compound silicon carbide coatings,because the impeller should do dynamic balance after repairing,
the repairing material must be machinable.

Product description of BD426 slurry recycle pump repair high temperature anti wear corrosion chemical resistant coatings:
It’s the high performance wearing abrasion resistant,anti corrosion resistant polymeric ceramic material compounded by various high performance
abrasion wear resistant,corrosion resistant material(like ceramic,silicon carbide,carborundum, titanium alloy) and modified toughening heat resistant resin.
Repairing various pump,valve,pipeline,heat ex-changer end plate,blade of suffering from room temperature corrosion,also used in the large area
corrosion resistant pre-protection,can also be used as the undercoat and topcoat of corrosion resistant coatings.

Construction case photos show:


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