flue gas heat exchanger wearing compound repair putty ceramic coating

High temperature anti chemical corrosion impact abrasion wearing resistant compound ceramic epoxy coating used in desulfurization system equipment flue gas heat exchanger pipeline rubber lining repairing and protecting


The flue gas heat exchanger (GGH),is the heat transfer site of boiler flue gas and desulfurization flue gas,corrosion and abrasion exist side by side,
the combined protective coatings choose the BD427 high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion resistant coating and BD776 high temperature
impact abrasion wearing resistant epoxy compound silicon carbide coating,this place chooses BD776 not only for the application of its wear resistant
performance,but also for its good thermal conductivity,the thermal conductivity is 1.4 W/M K, this composite coating is wear resistant,
corrosion resistant and heat conduction.

Range of application for BD766 high temperature anti chemical impact wearing abrasion resistant silicon carbide coating:
Used on the surface of various machine part which has high temperature wear resistant,corrosion resistant requirements,such as the preparation of
abrasion corrosion resistant coating on the gas flue of power plant,steel plant,chemical reaction tank and blender etc.

Product features of BD776 alumina ceramic silicon carbide filling wear abrasion impact resistant coating:
1.BD776 silicon carbide particle filling high temperature anti abrasion corrosion resistant coating is the product based on the high temperature
corrosion abrasion working condition which developed by taking advantage of the features of macro-crystalline silicon carbide by Xiangyang
City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,it can solve high temperature soda acid liquid erosion wear working condition effectively

2.Excellent in wear resistance and corrosion resistance,suitable for the protection of high temperature abrasion,corrosion working condition,
with very high bonding strength to metal substrates.

3.Don’t drip and slip,the construction is convenient.

4.Don’t precipitate,not layered

5.Hot water resistant,steam resistant,acid resistant,alkali resistant

6.Can do the various machining.

Construction case photos show:


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