slurry blender repair anti wear abrasion corrosion chemical resistant coating

BD772 high temperature anti abrasion wear corrosion impact chemical resistant epoxy compound machinable silicon carbide coatings used in desulfuration system equipment slurry stirrer ceramic rubber lining pipeline repairing and protecting

Slurry blender,slurry stirrer mainly suffers from erosive wear,combined protective coating chooses the BD426 high temperature anti corrosion
chemical resistant repair compound epoxy coatings and BD772 machinable high temperature anti wear abrasion impact chemical resistant epoxy
compound alumina ceramic silicon carbide coatings.

Product index of BD772 ceramic silicon carbide particle filling repair compound wear impact chemical resistant coating:

product name physical status operation time limit
usable time
        range of application
BD772 high teperature abrasion impact resistant machinable silicon carbide coatings paste 30min 24h Mainly used in the abrasion repairing and pre-protecting of slurry circulating pump impeller,body case,slurry stirring paddle etc.
color density
compressive strength
tensile strength
shear strength
bending strength
hardness after curing
(Shore D)
working temperature
gray 2.1 1176 469 112 661 83 -60~120

Product packaging actual picture of BD772 high temperature anti abrasion chemical impact resistant machinable silicon carbide coatings:


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