oven repairing high temperature wear resistant epoxy compound adhesive

BD1200 anti chemical heat corrosion wear abrasion high temperature resistant epoxy adhesives used in repairing and protecting high temperature oven


High temperature oven controls the temperature through the connecting of digital display indicator and temperature detector,use the hot air circulation
air supply way,hot air circulation system has horizontal type and vertical type.both pass accurate calculate,The wind source is from air supply motor
running to drive the wind wheel through electric heater,after sending the hot wind into the air channel,enter into the oven studio,also make the air after
using inhale the air channel to become the wind source and cyclic heating application once again.When cyclic heating,there is jitter state,sometimes
there is looseness phenomenon,it can improve uniformity of the temperature effectively in a short time.

How to use of combustor anti heat chemical wearing compound high temperature resistant adhesive:
Remove the looseness matter of substrates surface,polishing it through the way of sand blasting,electric grinding wheel,wire brush or
raw emery paper etc.Improve the roughness of repairing surface,scrub it with acetone cleaning agent,to clean the bonding surface.

BD1200 anti heat chemical high temperature resistant adhesive(product details from:
is made of A and B two components,you should make the base A component and curing agent B component mix fully until with uniform color strictly
according to the specified mixing ratio during using,and use it up within the specified usable time,the residual adhesive can’t be used any more.
Make the well mixed repair compound high temperature adhesive smear on the substrates surface of passing treatment,should put forth effort
uniformly during smearing press it repeatedly,ensure the fully contacting between the material and substrates surface,in order to achieve the best results.
When needing to smear the adhesive for many layers,need smearing it after doing the treatment for the original smear adhesive surface.

When the temperature is below 25 degree,can properly prolong the curing time,when the temperature is below 15 degree,should heat it up with the proper
heat source (infrared ray and electric furnace etc.),but can not contact with the repairing part directly during heating,the correct operation is that
the heat source is more than 40cm distance from the repairing surface,heat it up to the temperature of 60-80 degree and keep this temperature for 2-3

The prospect and application of BD1200 high temperature chemical resistant adhesive:
Far infrared fast energy saving drying oven(hereinafter referred to as: high temperature drying oven) adopts the far infrared heating new technology
of the state economic commission on key promotion,it can radiate more than 2-15 micron far infrared after heating up the far-infrared element,
it can translate thermal energy directly,when it is absorbed by the heating object,thereby obtain the fast drying effect,reach to shorten the production cycle,
save energy,improve product quality etc. goals.Convenient to use,remarkable effect,it widely used in the traditional electric heat drying oven.In the last few years,
it has already been gradually promoted,it is a kind of ideal and prospect wide drying equipment.

Why the bonding adhesive will fall off?
Solution method:
Mix and stir it uniformly according to the specified ratio,then smear it on the pending-repair part,operate in a ventilated place,
use it based on the operation method,you can see the satisfied effect after 24 hours.



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