hydraulic cylinder scratch abrasion resistant repair coating epoxy compound

Hydraulic cylinder body anti scratch abrasion wear resistant repairing and protecting
The diameter 360 x 4000mm hydraulic cylinder body scratch of one company dredger:Choosing adhesive:through the comparison in many ways,
we choose the BD311 anti friction repair agent epoxy adhesive(product details from:http://www.realbond.net/gongyexiubuji/jianmoxiubuxilie/29.html) to
do the repairing for scratch part.
maintenance craft:
1. Surface treatment:Do the roughing treatment for the scratch part and clean it with cleaning agent.
2.Preparation:According to the mass ratio A: B=5:1 or volume ratio A: B=4:1,make the A and B two components mix uniformly,and use it up within the specified operation time limit.
3.Coating: Make the well mixing materials be coating on the pending-repair part layer by layer,the first layer should be compacted,make it infiltrate fully with
the substrates.If the next working procedure needs machining,should keep the appropriate machining allowance.
4.Curing: It can do machining after curing 8 hours at the temperature of 20-25 degree,it can be put into using after curing for 24 hours,if the temperature is low,
should heat it up or prolong curing time to promote the curing.
Repairing effect:
the repair precision can reach to the original design requirements,it can be used for many years after repairing,repairing location is in good condition.

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