hot spring pool bottom leaking stoppage anti wear resistant repair epoxy coating

Anti wear abrasion water impact resistant epoxy compound coatings used in
hot spring pool bottom leaking stoppage repairing and protecting

In April,2016,one of Chengdu hot spring pool bottom appeared crack,the hot groundwater gush from the crack,the constructors after receiving project
try to use other adhesives and various ways to stop leakage,failed to succeed,be faced with the end of construction period,after multiple contact verification,
finally turn to our company.Based on this construction working condition,due to the work/operation under the hot water,in addition to considering the
construction personnel breathing, heat resistant situation,we should also consider water pressure from crack part,the construction time and the adhesive
solidification time limit.The technical personnel from our company researched and developed a kind of new product specifically for the construction side,
we called it Hundred Shield Coating slow curing epoxy adhesive,two components,gray paste.

This product is made of rubber material and curing agent two components,both of them are paste,it is not dispersal in water.The contact pressure
(finger pressures) can be plastic deformation at room temperature(25 degree) in the air within 6 hours after rubber material and curing agent mixing,
it can still be plastic deformation for finger pressures in the water of 50 degree temperature within 4 hours.The pasty fluid after mixing can harden in
the water of 50 degree temperature after 4 hours(finger pressures is not easy to be plastic deformation),the compressive strength within 16 hours can
reach to 16Mpa.

In the process of experiment,the boss of construction side every 30 min personally check the curing performance and feature of experimental material,
feel out the rules,he takes way a few kilograms of samples before leaving,try to the product performance under the actual working condition,the result
is very ideal,finally they buy several tons of slow curing epoxy adhesive products from our company,it is successful to stop leakage under the water
temperature of 45-55 degree.

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