centrifuge repair anti impact wearing resistant epoxy compound coating

Anti impact abrasion wearing resistant compound epoxy coatings used in repairing and protecting centrifuge equipment of mineral processing,coal washing and chemical industry field


The centrifuge is the equipment of making the solid liquid two phase separation which taken advantage of high speed revolution generated centrifugal
force through strainer.It is widely used in mineral processing,coal washing and chemical industry field,skimping coal washing industry usually use the
vertical centrifuge as the dehydration equipment,heavy medium method coal washing industry usually use the horizontal centrifuge as the dehydration
equipment.The main overflowing wearing terrain of vertical centrifuge is the distributing cone scraper material inlet part,bell jar baffle ring and discharging
baffle ring,the inner surface of material inlet,discharge opening and shell,general inerratic part adopt the way of bonding abrasion wear resistant ceramic lining
plate to do the wearing resistant protection.

Irregular part use the anti abrasion wear resistant coating to protect.the most serious abrasion part is scraper material inlet part and two baffle rings,
the shape of these parts is irregular,it is not easy to stick the ceramic,it is the most suitable to use the BD709 anti impact abrasion wear resistant coating from Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd to repair and pre-protect.BD709 anti wear impact resistant coating is the NDI-PTMG modified
epoxy wearing abrasion resistant coating,its impact resistant performance is better than abrasion wearing resistant ceramic,the wear resistant performance is
the 1.5 times more than high chromium alloy,the bonding strength is high to the substrates,do not flow,it is easy to modeling construction.

The revolving speed of vertical centrifuge barrate generally is 600-1200rpm,each scraper should use the anti wear abrasion resistant coating with the same
weight during scraper construction,and try to make the thickness be uniform,reduce the influence of dynamic balance.The revolving speed of horizontal
centrifuge barrate is about 2500-6000rpm,the abrasion of overflowing part is even more serious,shell,feed pipe and solid phase discharging pipe usually use
the way of bonding wear abrasion resistant ceramic lining plate to repair and protect,we use abrasion wearing resistant coating to repair and protect the
barrate and pushing material dish.

The bonding of centrifuge ceramic liner plate use the BD131 anti wear abrasion resistant ceramic adhesive from Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating
Material Co.,Ltd,this adhesive added enough liquid rubber,it has excellent water resistance and impact resistance.Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating
Material Co.,Ltd is absorbed in centrifuge repairing and protecting material for more than 10 years,the material keeps improving,improved gradually,and
got the approval from centrifuge repairing and manufacturing enterprise and replaced the imported similar products gradually.

Construction application photos show:

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