oscillating mill vibration plate wearing reinforce repair putty epoxy compound

Oscillating mill vibration plate anti corrosion abrasion wearing chemical resistant reinforcement coating ceramic repair putty epoxy compound construction application.


The vibration plate of oscillating mill realizes grinding and polishing effect for the material through vibration principle,although the vibration plate
is not the core component,it is the critical component,the main problem is that material and abrasive form impact abrasion to the metal body case
for a long time in the process of running,cause the body case to appear scallops,oxidization and bearing capacity changed bad,the service life
shorten,the users choose BD928 high strength liquid abrasion wearing resistant rubber coating of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material
Co.,Ltd to do the enhancement processing for the body case according to the experience,increase the wear abrasion resistance,prolong the service
life,avoid appearing hardness impact between the grinding materials and metal wall,damage the grinding and polishing workpiece,achieve impact
resistant,abrasion wearing resistant effect.

Construction technology of BD928 high bonding strength anti wear abrasion chemical resistant liquid rubber coating epoxy repair putty compound:
1.Surface treatment: Do the rust cleaning and roughening treatment for the inner surface of vibration plate,and clean it with cleaning agent
(ethyl acetate or toluene) or brush coating the prime coat according to the requirements,the surface before construction should be clean,dry and coarse.

Notes:Should use the adhesive/coating in the bottom of vibration plate according to the construction technology first,after the coating fully curing,
then install the mold and use the coating/adhesive for the body case.

2.The preparation of liquid rubber coating: Make the two components of BD928 high strength liquid abrasion wear resistant rubber coatings mix
uniformly according to the special ratio,stir it uniformly with electric mixer,use it up within 30 min,if you think the speed is slow,can add matching
special catalyst to expedite the speed.

3.Pouring and coating: Make the well mixed material be pouring and coating on the pending-repair part,natural flow flat or trowelling.

4.Curing: It can be put into using after curing for 72 hours at room temperature.

5.Machining: the parts without high requirements of size can be pouring and coat forming directly,
For the parts with higher requirements of size,can properly be pouring and coating much thicker,then do the machining until to the required size.

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