phosphorus ore slurry pump wearing resistant coating epoxy repair compound

BD7044 high temperature chemical impact corrosion wearing abrasion resistant coating epoxy putty compound used in repairing and protecting phosphorus ore slurry pump guard plate and guard jacket

Suffering scour and abrasion from ore pulp,the fitting surface between guard plate and guard jacket appears mortar leakage and grout run-out phenomenon,
it affects the normal operation of pumps and can not reach to the pump lift,even the previous laboratory pump is running for 7 months,it is 5 months larger
than the new pump,this time Xiangyang Longmang Phosphorus Ore dressing plant entrusts Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd to
do the repairing for 125ZX-700 slurry pump.

The workpieces of repairing for this time,front & back guard plate and guard jacket(the total 9 pieces),first do the flaw detection for the guard plate and
guard jacket of pending-repair slurry pump,after detection,there is a set of workpiece can not be repaired(front & back guard plate and guard jacket total
3 pieces),they have already been fissured by detection,there is remaining for 6 pieces(2 sets).

Do the sand blasting or polishing treatment for the pending-repair pump part first,then clean it with ethyl acetate and dry it by airing,as the influence of
temperature,it brings the inconvenience for construction,should place the pump parts and material into the oven concurrently and heat it up to the
temperature of 25 degree for easy to construction,we choose slurry pump repairing special prime coat and BD7044 slurry pump special anti abrasion
wearing resistant coating epoxy compound repair material of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,the bonding force/strength of this
prime coat to metal substrates is as high as 28Mpa,when the prime coat is not curing,and use the BD7044 slurry pump special abrasion wear resistant
epoxy compound repair material to smear onto the special prime coat.BD7044 slurry pump repairing abrasion resistant coating has good wear resistant
performance,with excellent performance of impact resistant.

During repairing guard plate,you should pay more attention,if the coating affects the assembly/fitting,need to know the size of new guard plate,
there is unsuitable area/part in the process of repairing,do the polishing treatment after curing,it is OK for the guard plate not exceed the fitting/
matching surface between the guard plate and guard jacket,it can be curing at room temperature after finishing repairing,should heat it up for
curing,when the temperature is below 10 degree.

Construction case photos of our BD7044 slurry pump anti wear abrasion resistant coating repair material epoxy putty compound:

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