flotation tank repair epoxy compound anti wear corrosion resistant coating

Flotation tank high temperature anti corrosion impact chemical wear abrasion resistant coating used in Tonglushan delafossite copper separation:


Flotation cell repairing anti wear abrasion resistant coating

Tonglushan delafossite from Daye City,Hubei Province is the state owned old mine,give priority to with copper separation,in the process of copper
mine flotation,the impeller stirred the ore pulp and quartz sand,it will generate the abrasion for the tank body,even wear perforation if serious,in addition,
the corrosion for tank body of using the flotation reagent affects the working life of the equipment seriously,in the process of flotation,the combined action
of abrasion and flotation is more subversive than single abrasion or corrosion,generally the equipment will scrap after using very short time,it will affect the
enterprise normal operation seriously.

In March of 2016,there are 20 flotation cell tank bodies with serious abrasion and corrosion from this company,the volume of each tank body is about
10 m3,this copper mine enterprise did the perforation welding repair operations to the tank body for many times before,supplemented by brush coating
the anti-rust paint for protecting,the effect is not good,this time they use the BD7052 flotation cell special anti wear corrosion resistant coating from
Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd to do the abrasion & corrosion resistant protecting for the whole cell body,BD7052 flotation tank
repairing special anti abrasion corrosion resistant coating is the high performance wear resistant polymeric material which compounded by high performance
abrasion resistant particles(silicon carbide and carborundum etc.) and modified toughening wear resistant resin.It is widely used in repairing the potion
corrosion in the flotation cell and the abrasive wear caused by mineral particles,it can also be preparation of the anti abrasion corrosion resistant pre-protective
coating on the inner wall of the flotation tank directly.

BD7052 is a kind of anti wear corrosion resistant protective product which developed by Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd for
flotation cell working conditions.This material has the advantage of good abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant protective effect,with high bonding
strength to the metal,the facade doesn’t flow and easy for large area construction etc.It can effectively protect the abrasion and corrosion phenomenon
of flotation cell inner wall,at present it gets widely application in the protection of many mine flotation tank enterprise,it obtains the approval of the masses
of customers.Such as Tongling Coloured Tianmashan mine,Dongguashan mine,shanxi Zijin mine,Panzhihua Longmang mine and Fujian Tianbao mine etc.
Otherwise main machine factories use the BD7052 to do a layer of anti wear corrosion resistant protective coating on the surface of the new equipment
directly,such as Dongda mine and Jinxing mine etc.We also have long-terms cooperation construction customers from Yunnan, xinjiang, heilongjiang,
Inner Mongolia and Panzhihua mine area etc.

Tonglvshan delafossite copper separation flotation tank body construction plan as follows:
implementation step:
1.draw off the water to clean up the material(finish it in the mine)
2.Oxygen welding baking for dehumidification(finish it in the mine)
3.Clean up the fouling layer.
4.Polishing and cleaning.
5.Blade coating the BD7052 flotation cell anti wear corrosion resistant coating.
6.Check and leakage repair.

Repairing material:BD7052 flotation tank repair special anti abrasion corrosion resistant coating
Auxiliary material: ethyl ester or industrial alcohol.

Using tools and protective equipment as follows:
Electric hammer,plasterer’s cleaver,trowel,shovels,plastic scraper,angle grinder,wire brush,grinding wheel,electric mixer,plain top shovel,axial flow fan,
electronic scale,power cord,lug plate,lighting lamp,helmet,respirator,dust mask,dust respirator,gloves,duster cloth and hair brush.

Detailed operation procedure:
First: The tonglvshan delafossite cleaned up tank body and baked for dehumidification.

Second: Absterge with the mechanical method,first clean up the scale layer which attached to the tank body with the electric hammer for one time,
small area remnant can be removed with bricklayer’s cleaver,do the polishing and coarsening treatment with angle grinder after cleaning up the scale layer,
degree of treatment is based on appearing the metal base color basically,then do the cleaning with ethyl ester or ethyl alcohol and dry it by airing.

Third: Blade coating the BD7052 flotation cell anti wear corrosion resistant protective coating

This working procedure should grasp three main point:
1.The material preparation:Weigh the weight of the BD7052 flotation tank anti wear corrosion resistant protective coating according to the specified ratio
A:B=4:1 accurately and mix them uniformly,the materials based on accurate weighing and mixing uniformly is the footstone of protective engineering quality.

2.The materials using time after mixing: The usable time of BD7052 flotation cell wear corrosion resistant protective coating after mixing is 40 min at the
temperature of 25 degree,must finish blade coating operation within this time(40 min),it the material has changed very slabby even curing,do not force to
blade coating,should abandon treatment.

3.The serious abrasion parts around the stator should do the key protective treatment,this part of coating shoud thicken treatment,generally 8-12mm is
suitable,3-5mm is OK for other parts,the corrosive deep pit point should be compacted.

BD7052 flotation tank special abrasion corrosion protective coating is soft hard moderate,doesn’t flow,easy to construction,a skilled worker can operate
25-30 square meters within 8 hours,if there is no skilled person,you could choose painters or plasterer preferentially,but configuring materials and mixing
materials must arrange the dedicated staff,the coating after curing should be flat and dense.The BD7052 flotation cell special protective coating can be put
into using after curing for 12 hours at the temperature of 25 degree,Tonglushan delafossite flotation cell scale removal,it takes 3 days for polishing,it takes
2 days for blade coating materials,the total is 240 square meters there are 5 constructors,the time for descaling and polishing is longer,if it is the new tank
or other without scaling tank,the time will reduce too much.

The control of thickness and material dosage: First we should work out the area of needing protection and construction for a single tank body,the parts of
needing thicken treatment should convert to the normal thickness area,according to this method,we could work out the dosage of each tank body,we could
do the simultaneous operation for several tank body,configure material in this way,you could configure it for the whole drum during mixing material,then
distribute to several operation point,it can effectively avoid the mistake of weighing and calculating,in addition it can effectively improve the efficiency of
configuring material and mixing material.

Construction case photos:


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