high strength rubber bonding repair epoxy adhesive special priming coat

rubber bonding wearing compound epoxy adhesive special priming coat


Product description of rubber bonding repair adhesive special prim coat:
Rubber bonding epoxy adhesive special prim coat is the material specially designed for BD804 to enhance the bonding force of
rubber and metal,its performance is far superior to the current domestic frequently-used Lek that kind of priming coat,the actual using
effect is close to Chemlok 213 prim coat

How to use of rubber repair bonding epoxy adhesives special undercoat:
1.Make the prim coat be brush coating on the surface of pending-bonding metal workpiece in advance,dry it by the airing at room
temperature(it needs about one day),if you want to stick it in a hurry,can heat up or bake the workpiece to make the priming coat be dry
quickly after brush coating the prim coat.

special version:
You should smear the adhesive for bonding after the priming coating drying,otherwise it will influence the water resistant performance.

Range of application:
Suitable for bonding the substrates of metal,ceramic,cement,stone material,partial rubber,partial plastic and fabric etc.

Performance features:
With low viscosity,dosage is economic,the thickness of forming film has no strict requirements,the technological operation is simple,
doesn’t contain toxic substances

Packaging Specification:
Single component,100g/group,packed in a plastic bottle.
We could offer the professional customized packaging and sub-package services based on users’ requirements.

Construction case photos show:


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