high bonding strength rubber repair agent epoxy wearing compound coating

BD919 high bonding strength rubber repair agent epoxy coating wearing resistant compound


Packaging specification of BD919 high strength wearing resistant compound rubber bonding epoxy repair agent:
1.Two-component,250g/set,packed in a small plastic drum,A component: 225g/drum,B component: 25g/drum.
2.We could offer professional customized packaging and sub-package services based on users’ requirements.

Performance features of BD919 high bonding strength epoxy coating rubber wear resistant repair compound:
BD919 high strength rubber bonding repair epoxy compound is the two components polyether type fast curing polyurethane composites,
good adhesion,high strength,wearing abrasion resistant,aging resistant.

Main usage:
Used for the splicing and repairing of steel core,whole core and common conveyor belt vertical and horizontal direction tear,as well as
repairing and joint sealing of the conveyor belt surface wear,chipping,belt edge abrasion,belt surface perforation,repairing polyurethane
composite pipeline,power cable,rubber covered roller and other rubber products.

How to use:
1.Surface treatment:do the roughening,cleaning,stain removal and degreasing treatment on the surface of pending-repairing part,
then dry it by airing(cleaning by degreasing should use acetone,ethyl acetate,toluene etc.swab down the pending-repairing part repeatedly,
only in this way,can obtain good adhesive force.

2.The preparation of adhesive and repairing:According to the mixing mass ratio A:B=9:1,in the dry and clean utensil(do not have water
and water vapor),stir it uniformly quickly then pour it into the pending-repairing part and trowelling,it can be put into using after curing
for 4-6 hours at room temperature,it can reach to the largest strength after curing 24 hours.

Construction case photos show of BD919 high bonding strength rubber wearing resistant epoxy compound repair agent


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