color stone road surface anti abrasion skid resistant elastic adhesives

BD815 color stone road surface anti skid wearing resistant repair compound polyurethane elastic flexible adhesive

Packaging specification of BD815 color stone road surface repair anti skid wear abrasion epoxy compound adhesives:
Two components,20Kg/group,packed in a plastic drum,A component: 15Kg/drum, B component: 5Kg/drum.
We could offer you professional customized packaging and sub-package services based on users’ requirements.

Mixing mass ratio:
A :B =3:1,make A and B two components mix uniformly based on the mass ratio A:B=3:1 before using.

Performance features:
1.With strong bonding force,good impact resistance,can be curing at room temperature.

2.The working life is long at room temperature,it is convenient for coating.

3.The bonding range is wide,with good adhesion to rubber,leather,ceramic,metal and cement ground.

4.Water resistant,oil resistant,acid resistant,alkali resistant,aging resistant and has flame resistance.

5.With good high and low temperature resistant performance

6.Has shock absorption buffer action.

Product usage:
Two-component,no solvent type high bonding strength polyurethane adhesive,green environmental protection,non-toxic harmless,
odorless,flame retardant,acid resistant,alkali resistant,aging resistant,has shock absorption buffer action,can pave onto the surface of
metal,asphalt and concrete roadbed directly after adding color stones,formation of anti skid abrasion resistant permeable colored
stone pavement.

This product is general chemicals,should pay attention to waterproof and fire prevention during transportation and storage,
save it in a cool and dry place,the storage period is 12 months.

Construction case photos show:

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