high bonding strength wear resistant rubber repair agent epoxy compound

BD917 high bonding strength rubber repair agent epoxy resin adhesive compound


Performance features:
Two-component, black paste,solvent-free type polyether adhesive,the curing speed is fast,with a good adhesion and high strength,wear resistant,good filling-ability,avirulent insipidity,medium resistant,aging resistant,easy to operate.

Main usage of BD917 rubber high strength bonding repair agent epoxy resin compound adhesives:
Used in the joint repairing of steel core,the whole core and common conveyor belt horizontal and vertical tear,
and repairing of the conveyor belt surface wear, impellers, belt edge wear,belt surface perforation and joint sealing,
the repairing of polyurethane composite tube,cable,rubber roller and other rubber products.Especially suitable for the
repairing of the inclined and vertical parts rubber parts.

How to use of BD917 bonding rubber high strength epoxy resin compound repair agent:
Surface treatment: Matting,cleaning,decontamination, degreasing on the pending-repair areas,then drying it by airing
(we should scrub the pending-repair areas repeatedly with acetone, ethyl acetate and so on for degreasing and cleaning,
only in this way,it can achieve the good adhesive strength)

Configure adhesive and repair: According to the mass ratio A:B=4:1,you should stir it uniformly quickly in a dry and
clean utensil(be sure not to have water and water vapor),then pour it into the pending-repair area for floating,
curing for 1.5~2 hours at the normal temperature before putting it into use,curing for 48 hours can reach to the largest strength.

The storage period is 6 months under the condition of room temperature,dry and seal.

Packaging specification:
Two-component,350g/group: A component : 280g, B component : 70g,16 set/carton.

Product packaging photo of BD917 high bonding strength rubber repair putty two parts paste epoxy compound:


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