wear reduction anti-attrition repair compound epoxy putty ceramic coating

BD311 anti-attrition wear reduction epoxy putty repair compound

Product description:
BD311 wear reduction repair putty epoxy compound is two-component daub shape,regards high performance ultra-fine lubricated
anti-friction materials as the skeletal material,facade construction doesn’t flow,the coating after curing has the performance of
self-lubricating,friction and wear resistant,can do machining etc.Used in surface scratch,abrasion repairing of machine tool slide
guide,hydraulic cylinder body,piston rod,shaft sleeve and bearing pedestal bearing surface etc. parts.

Product features:
1.Without shrinkage after curing,with high bonding strength to metal substates.
2.The coating after curing has low friction coefficient,with excellent performance of friction and abrasion resistant.

Construction sequence:
1.Surface treatment: Do the roughening treatment for the pending-repair parts,and clean it with cleaning agent.

2.Preparation:Make the A and B two components of BD311 wear reduction repair compound mix uniformly according to the
specified weight ratio A:B=5:1

3.Coating: Make the well mixed coating material be coating on worked pending-repair parts uniformly.

4.Curing: It can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at the temperature of 25 degree,heat it up to the temperature of 80 degree and
keep this temperature for 2 hours,only in this way,it can get higher comprehensive performance.

Packaging specifications:
500g/set,16 sets/carton,packed in a small plastic box.

Product packaging photo of BD311 anti-attrition wear reduction repair putty two parts epoxy compound:

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