high temperature wear resistant repair epoxy compound sealing adhesive

BD450 high temperature resistant repair epoxy compound sealing adhesive


Performance features of BD450 high temperature repair agent sealing compound epoxy adhesives:
gray daub shape,organic silicone material, used for sealing the workpiece under the temperature of 450 degree
high temperature working condition.

How to use of BD450 high temperature resistant sealing epoxy compound repair agent:
1.Surface treatment:Grinding or sand blasting to clean up the dust,greasy dirt and rust of the adherend surface,
finally clean it with cleaning agent

2.Mixing adhesive: Make the three components mix uniformly according to the mass ratio A:B:C=100:3:1

3.Using adhesive: Make the mixed-up adhesive be coating on the surface of the pending-bonding substrate uniformly.

4.Curing:initial curing: place it for 4-5 hours at room temperature,fully curing: place it for 2-5 days at room temperature,if the time is urgent,can use the hot blast curing,heat it up to the temperature of 80 degree
and keep this temperature for 2 hours,then heat it up to the temperature of 150 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours,
it can fully curing in this way.

1.This parameter is for laboratory conditions,due to the actual working condition is more complex,
recommend that users do pretest according to actual working condition

2.Should pay attention to strengthening ventilation during using

3.The strength of high temperature state adhesive is relatively low,had better use it together with other connection methods

Packaging specification:
Three components,5Kg/group, packed in a plastic drum.

Transportation storage:
Sealed storage in the cool and dry place.The warranty period is 24 months.Avoid placing it upside down,
knocking against and transporting it as a non-dangerous product during transportation.

Product packaging photo of BD450 high temperature wear abrasion resistant repair putty epoxy compound coating:


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