anti wear abrasion resistant repair agent epoxy coating ceramic putty

BD215 anti wear abrasion resistant repairing agent ceramic epoxy coating

Product description of our BD215 anti abrasion wear resistant epoxy ceramic coating repair agent:
It’s the high performance wear&corrosion resistant polymerization ceramic materials compounded by various
high performance wear resistant,corrosion resistant material(such as:ceramic,silicon carbide,carborundum, titanium alloy)
and modified toughening heat resistant resin. Used in exactly repairing the friction and wear failure shaft,shaft hole,
bearing block and other parts.

Packaging specification:
Two-component,500g/set,packed in a common plastic drum,8 sets/carton or 16 sets/carton.

transportation and storage:
Sealed storage in the cool and dry place.The warranty period is 24 months.Avoid placing it upside down,
knocking against and transporting it as a non-dangerous product during transportation.

product packaging photo of BD215 high temperature abrasion resistant repair putty epoxy paste compound:


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