high bonding strength wear resistant epoxy repair structural adhesive

BD812 high bonding strength structural adhesive repair epoxy compound


Product description:
It’s the Two-component adhesive compounded by polyurethane modified epoxy resin and modified amine curing agent
and various auxiliaries.

Performance features of BD812 high strength bonding repair epoxy structural adhesives:
1.Two-component, the curing speed is moderate,the highest temperature resistance of the curing product is 100 degree.
2.With the excellent adhesion to metal-ceramic.The adhesive after curing has excellent shock resistance.
3.With an excellent water resistance,oil resistance and aging resistance.

Product usage of BD812 high bonding strength epoxy repair compound structural adhesive:
Used in the self-adhesion and each-adhesion of metal,ceramic,cement,stone,glass and other materials,
especially suitable for the bonding of strong shock vibration artifacts.

Packaging specification:
Two-component,250g/set,8 sets/carton or 16 sets/carton.

This product is general chemicals,should pay attention to waterproof and fire prevention during transportation and storage,
save it in a cool and dry place,the storage period is 12 months.

Product packaging photo of BD812 high bonding strength epoxy repair compound structural adhesives:


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