high bonding strength epoxy compound structural repair anti abrasion adhesive

BD811 high bonding strength epoxy repair compound structural adhesive


Product description:
BD811 high strength structural adhesive is consist of high performance modified toughening resin and so on.
It can effectively achieve the connection between the same materials and dissimilar materials,partial replace riveting,
welding,threaded connections and other traditional process.

Performance features of BD811 high strength bonding repair epoxy compound structural adhesive:
1.The stress distribution is uniform
2.don’t need to heat,without heat effect and thermal deformation to the parts.
3.With the high bonding strength, partial can replace riveting, welding and other process.
4.Can achieve the connection along different materials.

Packaging specification:
Two-component,250g/set,8 sets/carton or 16 sets/carton

This product is general chemicals,should pay attention to waterproof and fire prevention during transportation
and storage, save it in a cool and dry place,the storage period is 12 months.

Product packaging photo of BD811 high bonding strength structural adhesive epoxy repair compound


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