anti wearing abrasion resistant enamel repair putty ceramic epoxy compound

BD401 abrasion wearing resistant enamel repair putty epoxy compound

Product description:
BD401 wear abrasion resistant enamel epoxy repair ceramic putty compound is the high performance wear resistant,
corrosion resistant polymeric material which compounded by the ultra-fine ceramic powder and modified toughening
heat resistant resin.Specially used in the damaged repairing and protecting of enamel reactor still lining,can resist the erosion
and erosive wear of acid (contain hydrofluoric acid),alkali and other materials effectively.


Product features of BD401 enamel epoxy repair putty anti wearing compound:
1.With good bonding force,has very high bonding strength to metal,enamel substrates.

2.Abrasion wear resistant,the coating contains a large number of abrasion resistant particles,with excellent performance
of wear resistant.

3.High temperature resistant, corrosion resistant: this product is temperature resistant,corrosion resistant polymeric material which
compounded by modified toughening heat resistant resin from Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd exclusive
research and development.Wear abrasion corrosion resistant coating after complete curing can effectively resist the following
medium erosion:carbonic acid,10% hydrobromic acid,20% nitrous acid,20% nitric acid,30% sulfuric acid,15% phosphoric acid,
30% ammonium hydroxide,lime water,potassium hydroxide,calcium hydroxide,propyl alcohol,butyl alcohol,ethylene glycol,diethanol amine,methylamine,bicarbonate,mineral oil,inorganic salt etc.

4.With the same thermal expansion coefficient as the metal enamel,the shrinking percentage after curing is low,not more than 0.03%,
testing thermal expansion coefficient is 30.7ppm/℃ according to ASTM E228.


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