anti abrasion wear high temperature resistant epoxy inorganic adhesive

BD1200 abrasion wear high temperature resistant epoxy ceramic inorganic adhesive

product description of our BD1200 high temperature wear abrasion inorganic epoxy ceramic adhesives:
Two-component, inorganic bonding material.the A component is white(or light red) powder,the B component is translucent liquid.
Temperature resistance can reach to 1200℃.Used in the defect filling and bonding of metal and ceramic under high temperature,
also used in repairing of high temperature equipment like blast furnace lining, metal solution temperature measuring probe
and so on,the joint should be designed for the socket or mosaic structure during bonding.

Can adjust it between A:B=1:1.5 and A:B=1.5:1 according to requirements.

Operation time: 20~30 min

Curing condition:
Cure at room temperature for 2~4 hours,and heat it up to the temperature of 60~80 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours,then heat it up to the temperature of 150 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours,
after that cool it down to the room temperature slowly.

Packaging specification: 250g/set, 16 sets/carton.

Product packaging photo of BD1200 high temperature abrasion wear resistant ceramic epoxy inorganic adhesive


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