high temperature anti abrasion wearing compound ceramic lining adhesive

BD281 high temperature wearing abrasion resistant repair epoxy compound ceramic lining adhesive


Performance features of BD281 anti wear high temperature resistant ceramic tile bonding epoxy adhesives:
1. It’s the two components adhesive consist of modified heat resistant toughening resin and special curing agent.
2. Aging resistant,high temperature resistant,corrosion resistant,with good toughness and high bonding strength.
3. Can cure at room temperature,can also heat for curing.
4. With strong initial adhesion,it won’t fall off without using magnet or other support measures during construction,
optimize construction technology and reduce construction costs.
5.The long term temperature resistant can reach to 250 degree,and short term can reach to 280 degree

Product usage of BD281 high temperature abrasion wear resistant ceramic liner repair adhesive:
With very high bonding force to steel,cement,ceramic,aluminum alloy,stainless steel etc.various materials,especially suitable for
the bonding of anti abrasion wearing resistant ceramic tile under the temperature of 280 degree high temperature working condition of
steel mill,power plant etc.

The packaging actual photo of BD281 high temperature wear abrasion resistant epoxy ceramic adhesives:



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