Suspension Bridge Main Cable Repair Anti Wear Skid Resistant Epoxy Coatings

BD70 suspension bridge main cable anti wear abrasion skid resistant epoxy ceramic coating:

Performance features:
1.Two component room temperature curing macro-molecule coating
2.With fast curing speed and high bonding strength,the cured products have a good wear resistance and low temperature resistance
3.The bonding scope is wide,with a good adhesion to rubber,leather,metal and cement etc.
4.The coating has a high cohesion strength,with a good aging resistance and fire resistance)
5.With a good manufacture-ability,convenient for using

Product usage:
Mainly used in the mat formation of side walk skid resistant coating indoor and outdoor.Especially used in the preparation of suspension bridge main cable skid resistant coating

Warm Prompt:
Residual adhesive solution cured products are non-toxic harmless organic solid,but maybe it will produce poisonous gas when burning,non-professional personnel can not do combustion disposal,should be sent to garbage power plant or garbage burning place treatment.

fire prevention measures:
Should choose dry powder to extinguish fire when toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate catching fire,can cover and flap it with dry powder,grit(the construction using abrasive) or the non chemical fiber fabric when the sizing material catching fire.

Product packaging photo of BD70 suspension bridge main cable special anti abrasion wear skid resistant coating:



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