scrape application anti wear abrasion resistant liquid rubber epoxy coating

BD937 scrape blade application wear resistant epoxy liquid rubber coating
(pasty fluid scrape coating rubber)


Product description of BD937 abrasion resistant blade scrape application rubber liquid epoxy coatings:
Double components,black or red pasty fluid,with good thixotropy,not flowing,suitable for the blade coating construction
on the surface of the equipment,generate the elastic rubber after curing,with strong bonding force to the substrates,
high strength,water resistant,abrasion resistant,aging resistant.can be preparation of the elastomer of various hardness
and mechanical performance index according to users’ requirements.Mainly used in the preparation of abrasion resistant
rubber coating on the surface of various equipment,or do the thicken repairing on the surface of worn-out rubber layer.Such as the preparation of wear resistant rubber lining on the following equipment surface or
do the surface repairing and regeneration: valve,pipeline,elbow,concentric reducer,roller of magnetic separator,
flotation tank,chute,stock pan,hopper,bunker,mixing tank,shunt,conveyor belt,belt conveyor roller, fan shell and impeller,
conditioning tower,powder selecting machine,thick powder separator, filter,cyclone tube,coal drop pipe,expansion joint,
car compartment,garbage trucks cars, concrete tank car tanks,vibrating screen beam support,material storage tank etc.

This material is the general chemical,should pay attention to water resistance and fire prevention in the process of transportation
and storage.Stored in the cool and dry place,the warranty period is 6 months.

Packaging specification:
Two-component,25Kg/group,packed in a plastic drum.

Allergic constitution should use it more carefully

Product packaging photo of BD937 blade applied two components liquid rubber anti abrasion wear resistant coatings:


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