castable special liquid anti abrasion wear resistant rubber coating

BD938 castable/pourable special liquid anti abrasion wear resistant rubber coating

Product description:
It is two components liquid with various colors based on requirements,it can generate the elastic rubber material after curing,with high
strength and strong bonding force to the substrates.Water resistant,wear resistant,corrosion resistant and aging resistant,it can pour/cast
the elastomer workpiece with various hardness and mechanical performance index according to the users’ requirements.

Product features:
1.Liquid,two components,can be curing at room temperature,can also heat for curing,the operation is easy,pouring/casting is convenient.

2.With excellent performance of abrasion resistant,its wear resistance is about 3-10 times more than the general rubber.

3.With excellent mechanical properties,its mechanical properties of compressive strength,elongation at break and tearing strength etc.
are all better than the common rubber materials.

4.The temperature resistant is -60-80 degree.

5.With better performance of oil & grease resistant and chemical resistant,with excellent performance of radiation resistant and
ozone resistant,with good performance of low temperature resistant.

6.The hardness is selectable,it can keep the higher elasticity based on the hardnress between Shore A40 and Shore A95.

7.The color is selectable,the basic type colors are yellow,black and red.We could design the color based on customers’ requirements.

This product is the general chemicals,should pay attention to water resistant and fire-resistant during the transportation and storage.Stored in
the cool and dry place,the warranty period is 6 months.

The allergic constitution should use it carefully.

Product packaging photo of BD938 castable pourable special liquid abrasion wear resistant rubber coating:



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