wear abrasion resistant epoxy bonding industrial ceramic tile adhesive

BD181 high temperature wear resistant epoxy bonding industrial ceramic tile adhesives


Product name:
Three in One whole vulcanization type industrial ceramic rubber lining wear resistant bonding epoxy adhesive:

Product description of BD181N ceramic rubber lining abrasion resistant epoxy adhesive:
Our business partner use this product to make the spherical surface corundum ceramic tile or reinforce flat surface corundum ceramic tile
insert into the special rubber to form lining plate,then make the rubber lining plate and steel plate be vulcanization in together to form ceramic+rubber+steel plate composite type abrasion & impact resistant lining plate,there is welding bolt on the steel plate surface between
the steel plate and rubber,thereby it is more convenient for you to install and dismantle.

Range of application:
It is widely used in the impact resistant and abrasion resistant protection of feed chute and hopper etc.This product is divided into spherical
surface reinforce composite type(TCM-K-2) and flat surface reinforce type(TCM-K-1) two forms.(we could process various models and
sizes lining plate according to customers’ drawing)

Product photo of BD181N anti abrasion high temperature resistant industrial ceramic tile bonding epoxy adhesive:


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