industrial ceramic tile wear resistant bonding repair epoxy paste adhesive

BD121N industrial ceramic wear resistant bonding and epoxy adhesive

Product name:
BD121N ceramic bonding ceramic type wear resistant epoxy ceramic tile adhesives

Product description of abrasion resistant industrial ceramic epoxy bonding adhesive:
Use the inorganic high temperature resistant adhesive to bond the ceramic lining plate on the steel plate surface of equipment inner shell directly,
through heating for curing to form the strong wear abrasion resistant coating.

Performance features:
This product is not aging for a long-term running under the high temperature environment of below 350 deg C,it doesn’t fall off.

Range of application:
It is widely used in doing the wear resistant lining for the pipeline equipment of wind power conveying powder,such as the cement plant
pulverized coal transmission pipeline,thermal power plant coal pulverizing system,coal mill outlet pipeline and fan impeller etc.

Product photo of BD121N ceramic bonding ceramic special abrasion resistant epoxy adhesives:


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