slurry pump use wear repair corrosion protective material epoxy paste coating

BD7045 slurry pump wear abrasion corrosion repair special coating material

Product description of BD7045 slurry pump wear abrasion corrosion resistant repair compound

BD7045 slurry pump wear resistant repair coating is the high performance abrasion resistant,corrosion resistant material
which compounded by high performance NDI-PTMG modified epoxy resin and abrasion wearing resistant aggregate from
the core technology of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd.Used in repairing the mining use slurry pump
which suffers from serious erosive wear,the restored life of repairing workpiece full size generally can reach to 1.5 times more
than new workpiece service life.


Product feature of BD7045 slurry pump wear abrasion repair corrosion protective special material:
1.Can be curing at room temperature,with excellent impact resistant performance.
2.With excellent performance of wear/abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant,with high bonding force/strength.
3.Suitable for the repairing and protecting of heavy medium abrasion erosion working condition.
4.Convenient for construction,without very high technical requirements for the constructors.


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