absorption tower ceramic lining repair wearing compound epoxy coating

BD426 desulfurization slurry absorption tower ceramic rubber lining anti wearing
corrosion resistant repair compound epoxy coating


Product description
It’s the high performance wearing abrasion resistant,corrosion resistant polymeric ceramic material compounded by various
high performance wear resistant,corrosion resistant material(like ceramic,silicon carbide,carborundum, titanium alloy) and
modified toughening heat resistant resin.Repairing various pump,valve,pipeline,heat ex-changer end plate,blade of suffering
from room temperature corrosion,also used in the large area corrosion resistant pre-protection,can also be used as the
undercoat and topcoat of corrosion resistant coatings.

Performance features:
BD426 desulfurization slurry circulating pump absorption tower anti corrosion wearing abrasion resistant repair epoxy coating
excellent chemical corrosion resistance
With good performance in erosion resistant,cavitation resistant and impact resistant
High impact strength,with very high bonding strength to the various metal substrates.
Without shrinkage after curing

Product usage:
BD426 desulfurization slurry absorption tower anti chemical corrosion reistant protective coating can excellent acid and alkaline.
Used in the large areas anti corrosion resistant protecting of the equipment.

Product packaging actual photo of BD426 slurry absorption tower rubber ceramic lining pipeline anti chemical corrosion chemical repair coating:



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