spray applied anti wear corrosion resistant epoxy ceramic coating

BD4051 spray applied anti corrosion resistant epoxy repair compound ceramic coating


Product description:
BD4051 spray applied special anti corrosion resistant coating is the high performance wear resistant and corrosion resistant polymeric
high molecular material which compounded by the high performance epoxy resin which is added nanoscale alumina powder and modified
curing agent.It is mainly used in corrosion resistant spray coating protecting of pipeline,tanker body,trough body and marine equipment of
various suffering from corrosion.

Performance features:
1.With high bonding strength,with very high bonding strength to metal,cement substrates etc.
2.The surface layer is smooth,the microorganism is difficult to adhere to
3.ultraviolet ray resistant,corrosion resistant of atmosphere and common acid and alkali.
4.Can be construction in the humid environment,the operation is convenient,without very high technical requirements for the constructors.

Product packaging photo of BD4051 spray application anti corrosion resistant repair agent epoxy coatings:


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